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Full production for your project or song involves helping you achieve the vision you have for your song from start to finish. This includes all engineering, assistance with arrangement and parts and most all of the instrumentation that will be played on your track. This process always looks a little different and we will discuss what specific needs you have. This is typically done at per track rate but can be done at an hourly rate


If you are not in need of the creative input for a full production but just need someone to record your vocal or specific instrumentation we can do that too. Charged at an hourly rate 


We co write with and write for many of the artists that we produce. We are writers first and producers second and completely recognize the fact that no amount of production can redeem a song that isn't well written. Whether you need help finishing a song or want to start from scratch we've got you covered. 


Whether budgets don't allow for full production or if you're just wanting to get a song to a place where people can hear you're raw vision, we offer demo recordings. While this does not involve the same amount of attention and time as a full production, artists and bands choose thisnoption in order to hear a song in the right context and to make a decision on it's inclusion on releases. When we do a demo, we always allow the artist to come back and finish things out as a full production for the remaining cost of the full production rate. We do not stack charges and simply apply your demo fee toward the full track rate.  


This includes live and studio recordings as well as mixing for film,TV, and video. 


We do custom scoring for Film, Television, and Commercial Use. Rates vary depending on use and length of score. 


If you are a licensing company or music supervisor looking to place/synch our music please contact to discuss synch rates and other terms. We are so glad you for your consideration and always look forward to working with you.